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Crystal Fairy Dream Lights

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Our beautiful crystal fairy string lights are now available in amethyst, fluorite, rose quartz, celestite, clear quartz, and citrine. Each crystal is lit by an LED light with two light settings, still light or flicker. They make a great addition to your crystal collection, home decor, or DIY craft projects. Add them to your existing wall decor, plants, or furniture. Let your creativity flow.♡

Amethyst is a stone of tranquility, peace, and protection. This stone helps to cleanse the energy field of negative influences or attachments.

Fluorite is known for its ability to ward off negative energy, as well as being an excellent emotional equalizer. It's balancing energy is great for re-centering.

Rose Quartz is a soft pink stone that is associated with unconditional love (including self-love) and compassion.

Celestite is all about inner peace, quiet space, and elevating the spirit. It's a stone that whispers of connection with other realms.

Clear quartz is a stone of purity, well known for helping to clear the mind and enhance higher spiritual receptiveness. It is said to amplify the vibrations of other crystals. 

Citrine is a cheerful yellow stone associated with positivity and optimism. It's sometimes referred to as the money stone, bringing about success and confidence.

Rainbow is a beautiful combination of rose quartz. citrine, and amethyst.

  • Length: 7ft
  • Weight: Approx 0.33lbs
  • Crystal Size: Approx 1 Inch
  • Natural Stones lit with LEDs
  • Cool to the Touch, Low Voltage LEDs
  • Battery Powered (Easy to hide battery pack.)

Includes 2 Extra CR2032 Batteries (4 Total)

Each crystal is unique and will vary slightly in size, shape, and color.

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