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One Step Eyebrow Stamp Shaping Kit

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One Step Eyebrow Stamp Shaping Kit

Designed for effortless, flawless application, a full-pigment, waterproof, transfer resistant formula that helps to create bushy brows in seconds!

Blendable & buildable, it comes with 10 stencil shapes to ensure you look fabulous with the perfect brow every time!

Super easy to use and perfect for beginners, just stamp the brows over the stencil to achieve even, naturally matte brows with clean edges in 5 secs!


  • Fill in Brows Perfectly
    Place it and draw naturally filled-in eyebrows with zero effort! Perfect for beginners, it gives you the easiest, fastest way to shape eyebrows like a pro.
  • Formulation: Powder
  • Waterproof/Water-Resistant
  • NET WT: 15g